Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Involvement kills insecurity

Consumers like and dislike information. On one hand they are smart, can search, analyse and decide what they want - they like information. On the other hand, they don’t like information - they don’t like it when they don’t want it.

Caught right in between is advertising, whose nature it is to inform potential consumers of the benefit, function, and/or the price to create the action of purchase.

Consumers don’t like to let go of control - they want to decide what they want to consume. This is a struggle of control - are they succeeding?

The answer is no. Consumers get information whether they want it or not. Advertising has bombarded consumers with so much information that they feel powerless by merely being a subject. Because of this, they are fatigued and frustrated with the feeling that that they are being taken advantage of. The moment they begin to feel so, they automatically place themselves in the weaker side of the power battle. This is the first sign of insecurity. As insecurity grows, trust diminishes. While the advertising medium - with its interruptive style - is loosing trust, advertisers loose trust too.

To best solution to this problem is involvement; involve consumers in everything. The moment they are involved, insecurity diminishes and trust develops. Involvement means engagement. Brands should deliver by engagement - create conversations, listen, acknowledge and respond. Become more transparent and more relevant.

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