Start drawing

Drawing is essentially making marks with meaning. It is the most powerful way to generate creativity. From doodles to murals to blueprints, it's how humans communicated before the invention of language; and it continues to succeed where language fails.

Drawing is older than writing. The writer John Ruskin once declared that the art of drawing was of more real importance to the human race than writing.

At our scribbling stage, we devise two kinds of marks – drawing marks and writing marks. Drawing marks come spontaneously – we are able to generate scribbles without any instruction or coaching. On the other hand, writing marks come in the form of wavy scribbles – from the influence of others. Drawing is natural, writing is learned.

We are always better at what comes naturally to us. Therefore it isn't surprising to say that drawing precedes writing when it comes to having fun. When we are young, we don’t worry about comparing our drawings with others. All we worry about is how much can we express. As we grow older, we worry about comparing our drawings with others, and in this process, feel anxious. But our need and capability to express always stays the same.

We not only know more than we can show, but more than we care to show. So, maybe we should all put the pencil on the paper and start drawing.

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