Monday, 7 February 2011

Strongest form of satisfaction

There is a difference between pleasure and satisfaction. Pleasure is the act or state of feeling gratified. Satisfaction is the fulfilment of gratification. Pleasure precedes or succeeds satisfaction and is of two types – intended pleasure and unintended pleasure. Intended pleasure is expected pleasure and unintended pleasure is unexpected pleasure.

If sex is an intended pleasure, one experiences satisfaction at its culmination. If smoking a post-lunch cigarette is heavenly, the resultant feeling is satisfying. These are examples of pleasure preceding satisfaction.

If the feeling of owning a luxury car is satisfying, the joy of driving it is pleasurable. If stocking up on psychedelic drugs offer relief and satisfaction, using them offer pleasure. These are examples of pleasure succeeding satisfaction.

While all of the above are examples of intended pleasure, the greatest form of satisfaction truly comes from unintended pleasure. An act of surprise, a random act of kindness, a gift, watching a rare bird, witnessing an impromptu gig, a compliment from a stranger, and so on, are moments wherein people experience unintended pleasure, that gives rise to the strongest and most lasting form of satisfaction, also, highest in talkability value.

A recent campaign by Heineken contracts girlfriends, professors and journalists to convince their boyfriends, students and colleagues, to attend a classical music concert on the same night as the football clash between Real Madrid and AC Milan. They are successful in bringing their boyfriends, students and colleagues, who painstakingly sit through the concert, with nothing other than the game in mind. To their surprise, the stage shifts gear the screen the match live. The resultant reactions – real and priceless – are products of unintended pleasure that offer the most satisfying game watching experience of all time.