20 points on the declining value of screens..

1. Screens used to be for the elite.
2. Now, it's an opium for the poor.
3. Rich are quitting phones and social media.
4. So, avoiding screens is now a status symbol.
5. Meanwhile, tech-free private schools are booming.
6. But poor kids are growing up with more screens.
7. Screens are becoming synonymous with cheap.
8. Rich are willing to pay more for human contact.
9. So, human contact is becoming a luxury good.
10. If you're at the top of hierarchy, you don't need tech.
11. The richer you are, the more you spend to be offscreen.
12. So, the wealthy want to spend on everything human.
13. Screen conditioning lowers thinking and language scores.
14. So, software/laptop-based schooling is thinning young brains.
15. Silicon Valley is doing what big tobacco once did.
16. So, ad-support platforms is déclassé, like drinking soda.
17. The wealthy can opt out of having their data sold.
18. The poor and middle class can't have that option.
19. Eventually, the 'right to disconnect' bill may come.
20. But human engagement will become a class marker.


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